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The next evolution in C-Face Clutch Brake Technology from Warner Electric

Warner Electric designed and patented the first electromagnetic clutch/brake more than 70 years ago and has pioneered significant advances in the field of design and manufacturing of clutches and brakes.

Today, new technologies in the areas of design, materials and manufacturing have helped us develop our new Gen2 clutches and brakes which incorporate several changes that affect unit appearance and performance without affecting unit fit or wiring requirements.

Gen2... the latest example of how Warner Electric continues to lead the industry through innovation, service, and reliability.  

Warner Electric 210-215 Clutches-Brakes

Original Design

Warner Electric will continue to manufacture size 210 and 215 Clutches and Brakes in the original C-Face design.


Gen2 Design

Gen2 units are direct replacements for original models, offered in sizes 50, 100, and 180. Gen2 models will replace original units during a phased conversion schedule, offering the following features and benefits:Gen2 Design Clutches-Brakes

  • Changes to the housing fin design increases heat dissipation capacities, especially in the enclosed configuration of the UniModule.
  • Improved input to output axis design reduces vibration and improves noise and wear factors.
  • Use of custom designed mounting bolts allows for conduit box location directly on top of the unit.
  • Bolt hole patterns are re-positioned for ease of mounting.
  • Add-on enclosure cover kits allow for a unit to be upgraded to an enclosed unit in the field without replacing the clutch/brake. A cover plate bolts to both sides of the unit creating a completely enclosed brake package, which keeps contaminates out and wear particles in, for clean, quiet operation.
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